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Mining & Industry

From stakeholder reports, time-lapses and documenting environmental impacts to corporate social responsibility - I cover it all. Using bespoke techniques and equipment, tried and tested over many years in the field, let me help you paint the best possible picture of your enterprise.

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Lodges & Tourism

I started off as a landscape and wildlife photographer and this naturally led me to photographing the hospitality and tourism industry extensively.  No stranger to travelling and adventure, I am always willing to push the boundaries and seek unique yet sensible angles to help you cultivate a recognizable, brand image.

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My love of food photography came about as a natural extension to the hospitality and tourism assignments.  I love to shoot food, with all it's colour, texture and emotional and sentimental associations.  If you need food photography you can taste, give me a call.



Head-shots and industrial photography go hand in hand, and with it, my interest in portraiture exploded.  To the point that I am now shooting various personal projects on the topic.  All this experience has contributed greatly to my skills and if you need striking portraits, look no further.


Products and processes make up the main portion of commercial photography.  A topic that can sometimes seem a bit tedious and boring to most, is an exiting challenge to me.  Alongside the standard white background shots I always strive to make your products pop and show off their appeal to your target market.


Conceptual & Advertising

Need an intriguing image to liven up your walls?  End of year thank you messages?  Or to advertise your products or services?  Then my passion for conceptual photography could be just what you need.  Give it a go, you won't be disappointed.

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I have covered a lot of events for various mines and businesses as well as for hotels, lodges and tour operators. I can cover all venue sizes and locations.  

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I have been part of too many weddings to be able to showcase all of them here.  So this gallery is a little bigger than the others.  If you want thorough coverage of your big day then look no further.  I also tailor the packages to suit your individual style and personality.

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