About Karl

Karl Andre Terblanche

Commercial photographer

Currently based in Swakopmund Namibia

Karl is a full time professional photographer in Namibia, with over 10 years of experience on an array of film and photography related projects, ranging from commercial, editorial, documentary right through to feature films.


His wildlife and landscape imagery has been published around the world in publications such as National Geographic, The Mail on Sunday, The Observer (UK), Le Figaro, Outdoor Photographer and a host of other international and regional publications.


Karl supplies international image libraries and also sells and leases his images personally.  All of the images are available as superb prints.  In addition to this Karl also publishes his own books and hosts photographic workshops and safaris.


After living abroad for 11 years, he decided to find his way back to his home country of Namibia, to reconnect with his roots. There is, after all, just something about Africa that will always resonate somewhere deep inside and call you back time and time again.


Karl's love for photography and his big heart transcends the hype of the international market and you will often find him contributing his talent and time to local productions in order to help build the industry and promote the talent in Namibia. He has worked on many heart felt charity projects such as Save the Rhino and REST and WWF.


His angles and approach to creating his imagery is always refreshing and interesting, showcasing his subject matter in an exciting way.  He always strives to inject his own personal passion and creativity into every single shot he takes.


Karl always goes the extra mile, be it sitting for days in a puddle of mud waiting for the right shot, to building customized pieces of equipment to get the job done.  His innovative approach resonates throughout his work and keeps pushing boundaries.