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The Connection

For many years I ran a blog on my previous website and then one day I just stopped posting. Commissions and assignments kept me busy and before I knew it time had flown by. Recently, I made a few changes to my entire existence and bringing the blogs back is one of them.

So here we go - I'm going to keep them short and sweet to start of with. So I'll start with a very unlikely connection between two images of birds...

These two pics are connected in the sense that both were taken in 2006 and that I was taking cover from the noise of the one bird to answer some interview questions regarding the other bird over a patchy phone connection. I think you can work out which is which. Anyway the one bird made it 'round the world in a single day and has kept on going ever since.

I will be posting regular content from here on and hope to share stories and images with you all.

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